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Production, storage and transportation of process technical gases, air separation products and water electrolysis



Forced-air and exhaust air conditioning systems and technological ventilation



Preparation and supply of demineralized and deionized water



Cleaning and disposal of industrial waste - liquid effluent, gaseous and aerosol emissions

INNOTECH ENGINEERING LLC develops engineering solutions making it possible to estimate capital investment, streamline the creation of engineering systems, cut costs, and choose the best quality even before main detailed design is ready to go.

Key engineering solutions generated by the company specialists result from coordinated actions by engineers who are experts each in their own field. This is a unique combination of vast experience setting up utilities and services with a broad knowledge database in equipment manufacturing and understanding how innovative processes may be utilized. That is what makes INNOTECH’s engineering solutions so unique, sought after and useful for clients or contractors, and investors.

INNOTECH’s key engineering solution development stages:

  1. Study the technical specification in detail and assess the specifics of the proposed facility: room and area sizes, number of storeys, architectural peculiarities, process technology or business specifics, production and other equipment layout;
  2. Develop a modular design, including layout concepts, allowing to foresee where the main equipment, services, management and control systems will be placed, and how the system will function;
  3. Develop a set of recommendations where to spot all the system components and ensure tie-ins within the specific area;
  4. Develop a system’s functional diagram and its detailed operating philosophy;
  5. Develop a specification with several equipment selection options.

Before proceeding with detailed design documents (if required), a FEED stage may be in order to finalize the engineering solution and create a full understanding of the system features. As a result, the clients will have a meaningful commercial proposal complete with an in-depth description of the proposed engineering system.

As INNOTECH exercises a holistic approach to developing engineering solutions, it ensures that they are approved at all levels, and offers to perform engineering design, installation and completion for utilities and services at later stages of the project.

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Наши объекты

Our projects

  • Zelenograd, 2015 y.
    Establishing deep submicron semiconductor production

  • Balakovo, 2017 y.
    Oxygen gasification on the external site of an air-separation plant

  • Zelenograd, 2014 y.
    Gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon storage, gasification and discharge system

  • Zelenograd, 2013 y.
    Hydrogen and oxygen station

  • Svetogorsk, 2018 y.
    Oxygen storage and gasification on a site outside a pulp and paper plant

  • Yaroslavl, 2017 y.
    Brownfield project to set up pharmaceutical production

  • Nizhny Novgorod, 2018 y.
    Petrochemical enterprise "SIBUR-Kstovo"

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