Hydrogen and oxygen station

Moscow, the city of Zelenograd, West Industrial Zone

Scope of work: room and area renovation, installing ventilation and heat supply systems, installing blast-relief translucent panels, staircase and fencing structural steel, spark-proof door blocks, finishing work, piping and thermal insulation.


Gaseous oxygen, nitrogen and argon storage, gasification and discharge system

Moscow, the city of Zelenograd, South Industrial Zone

Scope of work: dismantling old tank equipment and foundations. Building tank, evaporator and unloading site foundations, building process piping and cable line racks, wheel stoppers, reinforced-concrete retaining walls, bituminous concrete surfaces, fencing and gates, electrical equipment, lighting and lightning protection, relocation of external sewerage networks.


Establishing deep submicron semiconductor production

Moscow, the city of Zelenograd, South Industrial Zone

Scope of work: installing process gas supply, waste discharge and ventilation piping.


Oxygen gasification on the external site of an air-separation plant

Saratov Region, Balakovsky District, the village of Bykov Otrog

Scope of work: construction of a blockhouse and pile foundations along with an evaporator pad, structural steel for multilevel pads and staircases, process piping and cable line racks. Installation of process evaporator equipment (4х3100m3/h) and gas supply piping. Piping thermal insulation with protective jackets.


Brownfield project to set up pharmaceutical production

The city of Yaroslavl

Scope of work: installing heat supply and refrigeration systems, waste disposal, inflow and exhaust climate systems, equipment installation.


Oxygen storage and gasification on a site outside a pulp and paper plant.

Leningrad Region, the town of Svetogorsk

Scope of work: dismantling old equipment, equipment installation, setting up process piping.


Petrochemical enterprise "SIBUR-Kstovo"

Nizhny Novgorod region, Kstovo, Sibur-South quarter

Scope of work: Construction of pipeline D200 of the nitrogen gas supply system at the operating racks of the Sibur-Kstovo petrochemical plant for the needs of LLC Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez.

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