You may order design and installation of any ventilation systems from INNOTECH for any production or social facility. The company will ensure that the ventilation system is built on a turnkey basis, and guarantee its compliance with all the applicable regulations.

INNOTECH is capable of creating ventilation systems for industrial facilities, hospitals, entertainment and sports facilities, restaurants, office centers, and special-purpose areas. There will be no constraints in terms of area size and specifics. For example, INNOTECH makes ventilation systems for “clean rooms” at pharmacological plants where requirements for microbiological cleanness are particularly rigorous.

INNOTECH’s set of ventilation system services includes:

  • ventilation system design in strict conformity with construction, health and safety regulations; such design will include air exchange analysis, calculation of air duct cross-sections, development of relevant drawings and equipment specifications;
  • supply of complete sets of modern, highly efficient equipment from leading vendors where INNOTECH will always offer several equipment selection options to the client;
  • ventilation system installation, with high quality and fast and flexible response guaranteed, will be carried out by staff technicians based on best practice;
  • commissioning, including equipment diagnostics, checkups for structural integrity, testing under various conditions, and adjustment services;
  • scheduled maintenance of ventilation systems that includes a full range of equipment repair and replacement operations.

A holistic approach to and use of the most advanced equipment and high professional skills in ventilation systems installation make it possible for INNOTECH to ensure stable air quality in line with applicable standards. INNOTECH’s systems operate in a stable, failure-free way with minimal vibration and excellent soundproofing.

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