INNOTECH offers design and installation of water disposal systems at industrial plants, communal facilities and invites all interested parties to work together. Our company has a portfolio of multiple successful projects of varying difficulty – from large-scale industrial companies having to deal with several waste types that differ in flow rates, impurities composition and characteristics, to small facilities.

INNOTECH’s water disposal system advantages.

The company offers turnkey water disposal system services that include the following:

  1. ПProfessional design of water disposal systems based on daily waste flow rates, their chemical and biological composition, the required system type, potential tie-in points and metering unit installation. The company engineers will define the most efficient water disposal system configuration on a case-by-case basis, select relevant equipment, and thereby ensure waste quality in line with the applicable health and safety regulations.
  2. High-quality drainage system installation. INNOTECH has vast experience working together with international contractors in high quality demand environments. It is for that reason that European-quality equipment installation is standard practice for INNOTECH’s employees.
  3. Commissioning, final adjustment and testing of the installed equipment, checkups for system readiness for operation.
  4. System startup and handover.

INNOTECH’s vast experience and best workplace practices allow its employees to fast track the work and create water disposal systems in full compliance with the standards. One other advantage of water disposal systems offered by INNOTECH is acceptable price. The company policy is to keep the order book full and maintain competitive prices in order to expand the range of its partners. Working together with INNOTECH is always to your benefit.

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