INNOTECH offers industrial water supply services for brown-field projects that take into account the project’s technology level and requirements for water saving. INNOTECH’s clients for industrial water supply services may be both small enterprises and fairly large production units.

Present-day realities are such that central water supply cannot ensure provision of water to industrial facilities at a proper level due to low-quality services rendered by water-supply companies, water supply interruptions, impurities, often insufficient head and high consumption. Add specific water requirements of each specific operation to the existing challenges, and the most expedient solution will be to set up the client’s own water supply system.

INNOTECH offers its clients a game-changing approach, efficient water supply systems and utilities based on the most advanced technologies.

We offer:

  • professional water supply design that takes care of all risks;
  • equipment selected from the leading international and Russian vendors;
  • high-quality installation of water-supply systems;
  • a whole range of commissioning operations;
  • system startup and handover.

If required, water treatment systems may include equipment for:

  • water softening;
  • iron concentration reduction;
  • decontamination;
  • pH correction.

INNOTECH guarantees stable and long-term operation of its water supply systems. We are therefore confident that the efficient post-production treatment and no-discharge water re-circulation processes that we implement will contribute greatly to any plant’s process optimization and higher efficiency campaigns.

Call us! Our experts will answer all of your questions and provide in-depth consultations. Make your orders! INNOTECH means European-level industrial water supply systems.

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