INNOTECH offers turnkey industrial heat supply system solutions regardless of area dimensions and purpose. Its comprehensive approach to setting up heat supply systems in industrial buildings guarantees high quality, efficiency and reliability.

Having a heat supply system at a production facility helps create optimal working environments, comply with technological processes, and make sure that equipment operates in a standard mode. Various heat supply systems are used today to supply heat to industrial areas. We consider each case individually depending on the facility objectives, conditions and specifics in order to select the most relevant option.

INNOTECH’s set of heat supply services for industrial buildings includes development of design documents, procurement, heat supply system installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.

Design activities necessarily include detailed thermal design, definition of heat loss and gain, and selection of relevant equipment. Company staff technicians do heat supply installation work in strict conformity with the design and based on manufacturer recommendations applicable to their units. Commissioning comprises checkups of the installed system’s compliance with the design, equipment diagnostics, unit matching, measuring relevant parameters and system adjustment. INNOTECH also offers a full range of heat supply system maintenance and repairs.

INNOTECH systems’ advantages

  • all heat supply systems set up by the company full comply with all health and safety standards;
  • fast heat-up to the required temperature is ensured;
  • temperature is always adjustable;
  • air pollution is excluded
  • heat supply systems may be aligned with ventilation if required;
  • fire safety;
  • user-friendly operation.

The company’s holistic approach, modern technologies and efficient equipment enable INNOTECH to create European-level heat supply systems.

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