One of INNOTECH’s most demanded services is design and installation of clean rooms, i.e. areas with controlled airborne particle count, and, if required, controlled air temperature, humidity and pressure. The company is capable of implementing projects of any level of difficulty in full conformity with the international ISO and GMP standards.

What INNOTECH creates:

  • clean medical rooms: in surgery units, intensive-care wards, maternity units;
  • clean rooms for pharmaceutical plants: rooms of varying classes of cleanness in accordance with the applicable standards;
  • industrial clean rooms, in electronic industry in particular.

The clean room set of services includes:

  • Clean room design and development of conceptual design that defines area and room categories, key and ancillary equipment spotting in accordance with international standards, other layout and process solutions.
  • Selection, manufacture and supply of specialized air-conditioning and ventilation equipment and components, forming the design air flows, ensuring air exchange balance, multistage filtration, and creating positive pressure.
  • Clean room installation, including wall structures, air-tight flows with in-built lighting, antistatic floors, inflow, exhaust and re-circulation ventilation units, air intake systems, filters, automation components, air gates and filter fan units. Automation and control systems installation is also provided.
  • Commissioning, handover to the client and supervisory agencies. INNOTECH hands over fully completed facilities, provides equipment adjustment, conducts qualification testing in accordance with GMP, and, if required, has the clean rooms validated and certified.
  • Clean room maintenance. INNOTECH maintains and services its units, provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

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