Creating modern central air-conditioning systems that feature high power and energy efficiency is one of INNOTECH’s primary lines of business. Comfortable environment has become today’s standard for ensuring favorable working conditions. The company’s main clients for central air-conditioning systems are large-scale industrial plants, medical centers, health care facilities, office centers, other institutions and organizations where installing household split systems is not an option in terms of parameters and cost.

The company offers turnkey air-conditioning ranging from air-conditioning design to startup and handover, and further maintenance and repair options. In essence, central air conditioning is about supplying cool air from the central air conditioner to the rooms and areas where temperature is finally adjusted by fan coils, i.e. special fanned heat exchangers. In this case, the central unit may be placed away from the work areas (say, on the building roof or open area near the building), which eliminates noise generated by the system operation.

The key advantages of INNOTECH’s air-conditioning and refrigeration systems are as follows:

  • air conditioning system design is performed by skilled personnel, taking account of the facility specifics, making floor plans and indicating pipeline routings to generate a full-fledged project design;
  • the systems ensure not only air refrigeration, but also its cleaning, drying, air humidifying, mixing fresh air with the room air;
  • reliable and failure-free operation is ensured by using proven equipment and high-quality installation of air-conditioning systems;
  • high system flexibility is achieved through automated control from a single server.

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